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And the winners are...

Putting Our Heads Together
Poetry Contest 2008

Contest Winners


Congratulations to all of our 2008 poets!

The entries were exquisite, making the judges' decisions quite difficult. In addition to the winning entries, all of the poems entered will be published on our site. You'll find a listing of the poems with links to each of them below.       


  • First Place: Massive Migraine by mopar496
  • Second Place: Car-jacked by Roey
  • Third Place: Perpetually Now by MaxJerz
  • Fourth Place: The Keeper By desrivgirl

You an read these poems HERE.



Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order, by title)

  • My Ghostly Shadow by SEG
  • A Rare Day by cdelavarre
  • Pain Inside My Head by thedoglady
  • The Thorn by Brynnwriter
  • The Stranger's Eyes by Roey

You can read the Honorable Mention entries HERE.




More Entries... (in alphabetical order, by title)

  • Again by Holly P
  • Another Realm by QuiltForKids
  • Auras and Pain by Gale
  • A Day in the Life by Eileen Gray
  • Breaking Out by Ellen Smith
  • But Wait, There's Hope by Sandi Suddaby
  • Can You Hear the Paindrops? by Tabitha Lane
  • The Change of Hope by Journey
  • C.A.U.G.H.T. by linda
  • Daily Fret by Snickers
  • The Dance by Jill
  • Define the Moment by PiscesNan
  • Facing It Alone by hoope
  • Familiar Light by Kitty
  • Fibromyalgia Winter by AndreaTaylorReid
  • The Fight by ghostckr
  • A Good Day for a Miracle by ozzygirl
  • The Great Rebound by thedoglady
  • Half a Life by abbottp
  • Help Me Today by Lisa Trent
  • "How Do You Feel?" "Fine!" by Helen Zylman Seaman
  • I Can Be Wordy by Jamie
  • Impossible by CHamlin
  • Inconsiderate Co-Worker by Snickers
  • Inner Turmoil by KraZeCatLady
  • It could be worse by cathymaiorino
  • Journey Through the Land of the Migraine Haikus by Migraine Chick
  • The Loss by sassyrph
  • Migraine Haiku by Durantia
  • migraine in my brain by aloopa
  • migraine poem by matthew harris
  • My Everyday by Denise Garrett
  • My Tormentor by LAS
  • My Unwanted Houseguest by Gigi
  • Never Get Used to It by Megan Oltman
  • The Neverending Endless by linda
  • Ode to Aura by Deborah
  • Pain Defined by FlyfreeIzzie
  • Pain Doesn't Discriminate by Jenny Greiner
  • Please, Thank You, Amen by fridaychild
  • The Release by Terri Michael
  • Shh, Shh, Shh by Sandi Suddaby
  • Sick Genes by CJ
  • Stages of Emotion by hoopsky
  • Stealing Childhood by aidensmom
  • This Time, It's Visible by Jamie
  • Uninvited by MelissaMom
  • The UnPerson In My Head by ladibugcrazi
  • An Untitled Cry by Jamie
  • What about your grain? by bogart
  • What is Migraine? by FlyfreeIzzie
  • What Is the Cause by Leeloo
  • Where, Oh Where by COmtnmama
  • yet another new medicine by Helen Zylman Seaman
  • You're Not My Friend, You Know by Sandi Suddaby

You can read these entries HERE.




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I love to write poetry, but of course, it would be inappropriate for me to enter this contest. Still, I wrote a new poem to share with you...

phantom tango
by Teri Robert

the beat is faint, the dance slow
     so slow I’m not sure we’re dancing
my partner is but a shadow
     waiting to become more than a phantom

the disco ball that so blithely
     cast shards of light upon my eyes
forecast my partner’s arrival
     yet I had dared hope he would not follow

but the beat strengthens
     and the dance intensifies
the steps we’ve danced before
     are too familiar and unmitigatedly unwelcome

we turn and dip, this direction then that
     an intimate tango
with each dip, my stomach rebels
     the dips so deep my head ricochets off the floor

he shows no pity
     but dances the dance his sadistic way
and when I am beyond spent, he departs
     without so much as a bow at the end

Migraine is a merciless partner
     a relentless partner
a murderess I would gladly become
     if only I could slay him

© 2007, Teri Robert


Published April 30, 2007

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