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Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches
Table of Contents



Part I: Headache and Migraine Disease Basics

Chapter 1: What Are Headache and Migraine Disease?
Chapter 2:   The Importance of Proper Diagnosis
Chapter 3:   Education: Essential To Our Health and Well-Being
Chapter 4:   The Most Common Headache, Tension Headaches
Chapter 5:   Migraine Disease, Migraines Are Not “Just Headaches”
Chapter 6:   Cluster Headaches
Chapter 7:   Rebound, AKA Medication Overuse Headaches
Chapter 8:   Other Headache Disorders
Part II: Your Health Care Team and Treatment Regimen
Chapter 9:   Your Role On Your Health Care Team
Chapter 10:   Choosing the Right Doctor
Chapter 11:   Trigger Identification and Management
Chapter 12:   Preventive Therapies
Chapter 13:   Abortive Therapies
Chapter 14:   Emergency Care and Pain Management
Chapter 15:   Complementary Therapies
Part III: Support and Empowerment
Chapter 16:   Support, As Important As Good Medical Care
Chapter 17:   When Those Close To You Don’t Understand
Chapter 18:   Building Your Support System
Chapter 19:   Empowerment Over Headaches and Migraines
Chapter 20:   Advocacy Issues, Knowing and Claiming Your Rights
Part IV: What Does It All Mean?
Chapter 21:   If Your Situation Seems Hopeless
Chapter 22:   Summary and Review
Chapter 23:   My Personal Approach to My Headaches and Migraines
Chapter 24:   Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix A:   Glossary
Appendix B:   Online Materials Available for Free Reference and/or Download
Appendix C:   Resources
Appendix D:   Recommended Reading
Appendix E:   Referenced Experts
Appendix F:   References



 The American Headache and Migraine Association (AHMA)...

a patient-focused, patient-driven organization for patients with Migraine and
other headache disorders and their family, friends, and care partners.
Anyone interested in the concerns or patients with these disorders is welcome to join.

The AHMA exists to EASE the burden of Migraine and other headache disorders through Education, Awareness, Support, and Engagement.


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