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Living Well With Migraine Disease & Headaches continues to be a top listed title in bookstores and online booksellers. For a description on the book or an Amazon link, click HERE. To read an excerpt from my book or other content, check our Supplemental Content Section.



Optimal health care can be achieved
only when patients are educated
about their health and patients and
physicians work together as
treatment partners in an
atmosphere of mutual respect.



The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals *
by Judy Hall

Beautifully illustrated, The Crystal Bible offers a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors and applications. With informative descriptions and an easy-to-use format, it is an indispensable practical handbook for crystal lovers and users everywhere - both beginner and expert alike.
The book's directory format and beautiful, full-color photos ensure that the crystals are easily identifiable. Descriptions, which accompany each of the crystals, provide all the information on their appearance, worldwide distribution, attributes, actions and healing properties. All the major and less known stones currently available are contained inside, including those only recently discovered. A comprehensive index cross-referencing crystals to applications, aliments and conditions make this book a vital reference for all crystal users.
*Note: One error I did find in this book is in the description of the healing powers of Rhodochrosite on page 245. It says, "As it dilates blood vessels, it relieves migraines." If Rhodochrosite dilates blood vessels, it would NOT be good for Migraines since dilated blood vessels actually create the head pain of a Migraine attack.



Effortless Relaxation (CD)
by Stephen Halpern, PhD
This CD (also available in cassette) has the most beautiful and soothing music I have experienced. The original music included on the CD was composed by Stephen Halpern, Ph.D., an educator, composer, author, and recording artist of international acclaim. In addition to the original music, this CD contains subliminal affirmations. They are unheard by the ear, but processed by the brain. The affirmations include:

  • "You are calm, peaceful and relaxed."
  • "Your breathing is deep and regular."
  • "You choose to create for yourself a lifestyle that nurtures and supports your well-being."

Aromatherapy for Dummies
by Kathi Keville
What's with that strong smell? This is your place to find out. Discover the world of aromatherapy, which helps you affect the way your body acts and reacts by infusing your environment with the allure of scintillating scents. Aromatherapy For Dummies is your guide to the quickest way to improve your quality of life with freedom-giving fragrances.
    Author Kathi Keville, director of the American Herb Association, guides you through this burgeoning area of interest, shedding light on a wide variety of aromas, their sources, and the aid they are said to offer. Choose the fragrant form that works best for you -- candles, incense, oils, potpourri, and more -- and get answers to the questions that will make you a smart shopper, including where to get aromatherapy products, how to store them, and even how you can make them yourself. Keville covers the wide variety of places you can use aromatherapy to your advantage, including ways to bring the right waft into your workplace.