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Migraine Research Foundation Announces
New Request for Proposals

There are 37 million Migraineurs in the United States alone. Migraine is the 12th most disabling disorder in the U.S. with direct and indirect economic costs of headache disorders exceeding $31 billion annually. The pathophysiology of Migraine is still not fully understood, and effective treatments are still lacking. For example: There is not one single medication on the market that was originally developed for the prevention of Migraine. Not one. We use hand-me-down medications that were developed for other conditions, then found to help with Migraine prevention.

The Migraine Research Foundation wants to change all of this. To that end, they raise and distribute funds for Migraine research. The expenses of running the MRF are underwritten, so very dollar donated to the MRF goes into research.

The MRF has just issued a new request for proposals (RFP) for research grants. Here is full information on this RFP:

The Migraine Research Foundation is committed to furthering the understanding of the causes and mechanisms of migraine, helping to develop improvements in treatment, and finding the cure. We believe that migraine research is very important and under-funded. As a result, MRF is actively seeking to provide seed money grants for projects that are important, achievable, and innovative that will ultimately lead to better treatment and quality of life for migraine sufferers.

While MRF welcomes all proposals relevant to migraine research, this year we are particularly interested in projects related to three areas: (1) pediatric/adolescent migraine that will expand knowledge of epidemiology, mechanisms, genetics, and comorbidities of pediatric headaches, (2) migraine in women, and (3) chronic migraine.

If you are interested in a seed money grant, the next step would be to submit an application, using the form set out below, along with any comments or additional supporting information you think would be helpful for an evaluation of your proposal. The application deadline for this round of funding is October 25, 2010. If you have any questions about this procedure, call us at 212-249-5402, or email us at


GRANT AWARD: A maximum of $50,000, including up to 10% for institutional overhead, will be awarded to each grantee.

GRANT DURATION: The expected project duration is one year.


FUNDING RESTRICTIONS: All grants must be used exclusively for research and research equipment, not capital expenditures, administrative costs or travel costs.

FORMAT: In addition to the Grant Application itself, grant requests must also include (a) a short abstract of the project in lay terms, (b) an NIH Biosketch for the principal investigator, and (c) a detailed budget with a breakdown of costs into personnel, supplies, equipment, contractual services, and “other” lines, with a description and justification for each item.

SUBMISSION: The research proposal may be submitted by mail or email. If submitting by email, please use Microsoft Word or a .pdf file attachment.

REVIEW: The proposals will be reviewed by the Migraine Research Foundation’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB). If one or more members of the MAB have a conflict of interest with a particular proposal or proposer, they will abstain from the review process on that proposal. Once the review is complete, the MAB will advise the Migraine Research Foundation’s Board of Directors, who will make the final decision about the awarding of grants. MRF expects to notify grant recipients early in the new year.


Grant applications must include the following information:

  1. Title of the research proposal.

  2. Describe what you propose to study.

  3. Will the research clarify or be directly applicable to matters leading to a better understanding of headache pathogenesis or the treatment of headache patients? Briefly describe how.

  4. Has work already begun on this line of inquiry in your lab? If yes, please explain. If no, can this research project be completed in one year?

  5. To your knowledge, does this research duplicate other research in progress or planned, either in your lab or elsewhere? If yes, please explain.

  6. Is there other existing or potential funding for this proposal or any part of it? If yes, please explain.

  7. Who will be the principal investigator of the proposal?

  8. Where will the research be conducted?

  9. Can you foresee any commercial value for the outcome of your research? If yes, please explain.

  10. Have you previously submitted this line of inquiry for funding and been rejected? If yes, please explain.

You may email your application to or mail it to:

Migraine Research Foundation
Attn: Research Program
300 East 75th Street, Suite 3K
New York, NY 10021

To be considered for this round of funding, applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. October 25, 2010.

You can learn more about the MRF by visiting their web site,


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