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And the winners are...

Putting Our Heads Together
Poetry Contest 2009

Contest Winners


Congratulations to all of our 2009 poets!

The entries were exquisite, making the judges' decisions quite difficult. In addition to the winning entries, all of the poems entered will be published on our site. You'll find a listing of the poems with links to each of them below.       


  • First Place: Lover's Betrayal by Zoe Ashcraft
  • Second Place: Powerless by JA Martin
  • Third Place: Asylum by Ruth Bavetta
  • Fourth Place: Pain Breaks Like Teeth by Kate Brady

You an read these poems HERE.



Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order, by title)

  • Barbie Gets a Migraine by Anna Leahy
  • Blue Migraine by Mercedes Lawry
  • Counting Down to Thunder by Megan Oltman
  • Half a Life by by Nancy Graham
  • The Migraine Sonnet by lmharrod
  • Mystery of Misery by Betsy Blondin
  • Pacing the Aura by Marcelle C
  • Random Entry from My Headache Diary by mandypoet
  • The Space Between by Stefan
  • Spring Surprise by Carol
  • To Those Without Migraines by CheDeco
  • Why Me? by SunnyLori

You can read the Honorable Mention entries HERE.




More Entries... (in alphabetical order, by title)

  • The Answer by wonderlandcat
  • Aura by Katherine Williams
  • Beyond Thinking by Pamela J. Lindsay, A.L.M.
  • Broken Promises by cking
  • Catching Up by Megan Oltman
  • Chronic Larcenist by Jesskit69
  • Collatral Migraine by Naresh Ladhu
  • Curse of Migraine by Nancy Graham
  • Debilitation by alleykat
  • Dying Light by KAYRENKIA
  • Enduring the Pain by Dixie Sorensen
  • Flashes of Light by AnnmarieD
  • He Tells Me Why (when I ask) by Denise Garrett
  • Hurricane Migraine by salsachica82
  • If I Could Fly by cgeiger71
  • If Migraines Paid a Sliding Scale by praeter13th
  • The Inevitable Migraine by Margo
  • Insistendo by Ronda R. Scott-Marak
  • Ironic Insomnia by Jamie
  • It's Just a Headache by Capricorn1231
  • IV experiences and advocacy- a tale by Jamie
  • Laughter, Not good Medicine by Zoe Ashcraft
  • Letter to My Body by Sandra Becker
  • Life a Game by Sunit Kamath
  • Life Interrupted by mrsfgay
  • Lonely Pain by Post
  • Losing My Life By Chris Hawley
  • Maelstrom by dragondrool
  • The Marriage of Body and Mind by Sandy
  • The Migraine by Katinthecorner
  • Migraine by Nina Bayer
  • Migraine by Sandy
  • Migraine: A Symphony in Four Parts by carolynhelmberger
  • Migraine Devil by eviebrown
  • Migraine Haiku by Nancy Graham
  • migraine, migraine go away by cheleinms
  • Migraine Mother by carriegoff
  • Migraine, So What! by Teri Hooper
  • Migraine Thief by Snickers
  • Migraine Unleashed by Stormy
  • Migraine's Journey by Jan Marin Tramontano
  • Mind Wars by Leia Knibb
  • Mr. Migraine by Katherine Stack
  • My Expensive Traveling Migraines by praeter13th
  • My Headache by Post
  • My Little One by mfitch
  • My Monster, Fred by C. Poetzl
  • My silent, painless escape by mirjusbob
  • Negotiating with Migraines by Anna Leahy
  • Nightmare Society by Jesskit69
  • Ode to a Migraine Free Morning by Robbie
  • Once I Had a Headache by praeter13th
  • One Day They'll Cure Us All by EmilieLucy80
  • The Other Side by SusieB
  • the pain within by tamimichelle
  • Perpetual Winter by Mushcat
  • Pitter Patter Migraine by Bonnie Lee
  • Please Go Away by Alan Bickford
  • Rain Beats in my Head by JEMS
  • Roller Coaster Hangover by Jesskit69
  • Shadows of the Fox by Lene Andersen
  • Shut Down by Myth1977
  • Spring Surprise by Carol
  • Sounds of Rain by Liz
  • Stay strong, Stay hopefull, Stay positive, Stay calm! by Chrissygal
  • Take It Sooner by Snickers
  • Taken Hostage - Again by Jan Marin Tramontano
  • The Tempest by Solta
  • This DIS-Ease of the Soul... by Angst
  • Timing Is Everything by Waynette Ray
  • The Tormentor by Bhupinder Sawhny
  • Tingling Before the Pain by Heather
  • Twelve Nuns Barking at an Eggplant and Other Pre-Migraine Hallucinations by Corey
  • Under Cover by Michelle
  • The Visitor by Beatrice M. Hogg
  • The Warning Signs Sign by scottfparker
  • What Can I Do? by Liz

You can read these entries HERE.


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